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April 3, 2016      Worshipping the wrong god the right way

April 10, 2016    Worshipping the right God the wrong way

April 17, 2016    What’s in a Name

April 24, 2016    The rest of the Week

May 1, 2016       The Love of Life

May 15, 2016     Honoring & Being Honorable

May 22, 2016     1+1=1

May 28, 2016     Cheating Yourself

June 5, 2016       Cheating Others

June 12, 2016    Satisfaction Guaranteed

The 10 commandments represent God's design to make the human experience the best it can possibly be. Followed correctly, these commandments become the healthy foundation for a society or a soul.

The 10 commandments deal with the two important issues all humans must face, our relationship with God and our relationship with each other. They are written on two tablets of stone, but were meant for tablets of flesh. Tablet one probably contained the first four commandments dealing with our relationship to God and the second tablet probably contained the last six dealing with man's relationship with man.

The first two are not the same, #1 deals with worshipping idols in the way they should have been worshipping God - making them a greater priority than anything else in life, and #2 deals with worshipping the right God in the wrong way by representing him by things less than He is.

Israel's problems in their relationship with God were similar in scope to what they are today, God rarely had first place in their lives! This is the starting point however for a healthy relationship with God. Unfortunately today there is more religion than righteousness, God is not the first passion of people's hearts. In this series we will be learning how in the 10 commandments we build the foundation to a strong society.